Set Yourself Up To Succeed

You can switch these feelings and anchor the nervous, so you don’t freak out!  All you need to do is reframe these feelings to send a signal to your brain that you are excited.  This will help you focus on what you need to do. 

This is really powerful stuff for sales, public speaking, presentations.  Tell your brain that you are excited.  Say it out loud… I’m so excited … I’m so excited.  You’re reframing.   Your brain with reposition these thoughts and feelings from anxiety to excitement, leaving you to focus on your performance.

You’ll miss out on so much if you let fear run your life, let’s break the habit of worry and self-doubt and focus on achieving more in your life.

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3 Dangerous Confidence Thieves

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”

~Pablo Picasso

Confidence takes practice.  It sounds strange doesn’t it?  It’s call the confidence-competency loop.  The more you practice the more your confidence grows, and the more this will shine through into the exterior world.

Picasso is one of the most famous and successful artist.  Did you know that throughout his career, he created more than 20,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures, and ceramics? Despite the staggering number of pieces he created and his incredible talent he only has a handful of famous paintings.  

Dyson’s breakthrough came after 15 years and 5,127 prototypes. “Designing something that works well requires careful thought and precise measures, then relentless testing and prototyping …it takes time” - Dyson.

 there are also a number of other things that can steal your confidence.

1. Impatience  

Perhaps the biggest thing that is holding you back right now is your impatience.  How many things have you given up because you weren’t seeing the result you immediately expected?  In our society today we want immediate gratification and we all love our instant downloads and our Amazon Prime accounts but its unrealistic to think that you will achieve overnight success. 

I know.  This is super hard to digest when it seems like every advertisement you see is about how to make thousands of dollars in 5 minutes! Apologies to repeat this, but overnight success is extremely rare.

2. Fear

The fear of putting yourself out there into the big wide world can be so big you feel like your only option is to put the brakes on your project.  The trick is to move away from the hypercritical state of self-doubt and push your project forwards.  Past failures do not dictate your future, they create your future.  

So have the courage to take action despite the uncertainty.  

3. Helplessness

Are you are feeling insecure and have low self worth?  Ouch, I know this one well and boy oh boy does it hurt. 

My self worth used to be so low, I used to let people walk all over me!  And you know that you are in this way of thinking when you are leaning on excuses like “nothing ever goes my way” so I’m going to give up trying.  

You can break this pattern of behaviour by laughing at yourself a little.  Don’t take it so seriously. 

Shuffle the cards and find that something that brings in the energy.  Focus on the aspects of your life, business or career that energies you… then start collecting the success stories.

You are capable of remarkable things and you could never foretell and you will never discover without taking action.

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5 Ways To Get Paid Doing What You Love

Hello gorgeous,

Have you ever wanted to get paid for doing what you love? I know, I know, silly question, of course you do!

Even if you don’t believe it just yet, you can make money out almost anything that you love doing.  But there are so many reasons why people don’t press ahead. We all plant these limiting ideas in our heads: I don’t have time, I don’t have the right skill set, I don’t have the money, the economy is not good right now… so, how do you over come this?

Start think about where the opportunities lie.  As an example there are going to be millions more people coming on line over the next few years and people are yearning for new information.  People are looking for wisdom and knowledge; you could offer huge value your chosen field.  You've got the ability to share your story with people in a way that helps them connect with you.  Millions of people are looking to improve their life and go to the next level. 

If you're an employee think about how can you add more value. How can you contribute more ideas, mentor more people, learn more, grow your network and take care of other people in your workplace?  Check in and be realistic, are you in the right place to build your career.

Trust in your own voice.  And get serious about what you're going to offer the world.  Here are 5 ways to help you get started:

1. Claim your topic and your expertise
What would you like to impart to the world?  You’ve got this far in the world so it's likely that you have been through your fair share of trails and tribulations. And I’m sure if you're determined to earn more and change your life, you’ve tried a few different things and you’ve had struggles.  Look back and see what you’ve learnt. 

People become influencers because they own it.  Even experts have to start somewhere so research, research and research some more.

2. Teach weekly and post out your content consistently

Start a blog, or post a video every week. And then post little clips and quotes, drawing people back to that blog.  You can put the content of you blog out to your audience for the remainder of the week.  You’ll soon have a library of exciting topics that you’ve covered.

3. Get in your customers head

Get to know you customer intimately, yes intimately!  Know what it will take for your people to double their revenues and grow their brand.  And go above and beyond don’t just solve their problem… solve their problem and then double it.  Just solving the problem isn't enough.  You’re teaching aspirations.  Think about their future and where they want to go. This is just as applicable wether you are running your own business and/or if you are an employee.

4. Create your offer or solution

Get into the detail of what is happening in the market place and how what is/is not working.  Really understand how you fit into the market place and how you can provide the most value.  You undoubtably have something truly unique to offer, so think outside the box about tailored solutions, it’s not the generic solution that is going to get you noticed.

5. Value yourself

Recognise that you’ve got something worth putting out into the world; it’s your job to get some support and get started! Where is your hunger and your passion? Even the biggest stars had to start somewhere; never let your small beginnings become small minded.

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Love you all and have a brilliant week!