Sarah Bennett-Nash

Unshakable Optimist, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach & Mentor


I'm an unshakable optimist, entrepreneur, business coach and speaker.  My mission is to inspire and empower enterprising business women around the world by helping them up-skill and perform at consistently higher levels. 

I'm passionate about helping you create a long lasting transformation, and get what you want in business and life without sacrificing what matters most. 

My coaching programmes are designed to help you amp up your self confidence, build a positive mindset and nail those big goals.  But my goal is far more ambitious and rewarding than just showing you how to create a successful business or grow your leadership skills.  My goal is to help you create a fulfilling, happy and successful life.

I've worked over a decade in the corporate environment in Global Investment Banking and Finance.  I know and understand the pressures of an 80-hour working week, the pain of disappointing loved one to prioritise work, the frustration of spending your whole holiday on your Blackberry, or even delaying the building of a family in order to climb the corporate ladder. 

Undoubtably the thing I've enjoyed the most during my corporate years is mentoring and seeing women become powerhouses, working their magic in a heavily male dominated world.  I'm so proud to have helped several ladies build extraordinary businesses that have literally changed their lives ...and I can hand-on-heart say I've never been more passionate than I am today about supporting you – the woman who wants to build her dreams and live an incredible life. 

You don't have to wait any longer to build your dream business and live the incredible life you've always wanted.  If the lass from Lincolnshire can do it, then anyone can.  

I've had my fair share of bumps in the road, but I've learned to work hard on the right things, without sacrificing my sanity and my health.  Today I define my success. And only you can define yours.


I've built an incredible company whilst on maternity leave.  Am I special?  Hell no!  But by consistently taking action I'm now achieving the big goals that I've dreamt of for a long time.  I’ve discovered that my “on purpose” work is to support ambitious, motivated and successful women like you in lighting up the world without burning yourself out in the process. 


You're visiting my website for a reason and I'm sure just like me you know that you're meant to achieve extraordinary things in this world.  You're here on this tiny planet for such a short space of time to make a difference.  And I'm here to show you that you are capable of anything (yes anything!) that you put your mind.  "Anything is possible if you have the nerve" - J.K.Rowling. 



  • Building an incredible business and have fun along the way 
  • Being your own boss - whoop whoop (I know you've wanted that for so long!!!)
  • Surrounding yourself with incredible inspirational people
  • Being armed with strategies to help you work smarter not harder
  • Being back in control of your own life
  • Creating more space in your life and being truly being present for your family
  • Having the confidence and charisma to go out and conquor those goals that you've been thinking about for months or maybe years

You don't have to be perfect. You just have to get going.  The world needs your special gift.  What are you waiting for? ...

"Sarah is an incredible woman and phenomenal business owner who went for her dreams during an extremely difficult time in her life, and all while being on maternity leave with her first baby. She's a kind-hearted soul and a very talented coach who will support you every step of the way. If you want a mentor who can support you in achieving your biggest dreams even if you don't feel ready, or like it's the right time, you need to hire Sarah."

- Janelle Mason Success Coach

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"I approached Sarah when I read about her inspiring story. Especially as I have been thinking for a while about life after the "corporate" one. It s not easy to fully express in a few lines what working with Sarah meant for me. 

Sarah has opened up my mind on many fronts, mainly giving me the confidence that "it IS possible". I'm very good with ideas, less so with putting them in to practise in an organised way, which is another great help Sarah has given me. For sure I can say my mindset  has changed a lot since working with Sarah, in such a positive way. I will keep working with her as she is helping me turn my life around."

- Daniela Paolini, London. Compliance Officer & Business Owner

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"Sarah helped me to shape my project and always asked me significant questions to get the best of me out to know exactly which tone I wanted to give to my business.  She is well organized and knows exactly what is the next step to take to be more effective.  She opened my eyes to many others perspectives.

I’ve always had a positive mindset but to collaborate with Sarah was an explosion of positivity. She has this ability and strength to see possibilities everywhere, nothing is too impossible to be achieved. She made me feel great as a woman, as a wife, as a mother and as a business-owner. She is exactly that gift that women who want to achieve more in professional life need. She is not a success coach only because she has the skills and the professionalism for that, but first because she stayed human, with so many love, kindness and humility and these things bring a lot in a collaboration. I know for sure that our Teamwork is not finished yet. Thank you Sarah!"

- Mélissa Thélusmon, Germany, translator and coach


"Sarah, has helped me see the values within me and make sense of everything. I was missing the bigger picture, my amazing business and me.

She helped restructure my mind set whilst continuing to be the sensitive, passionate and creative person and grow into the successful businesswoman I am becoming.  She's given me the skills to delegate the work amongst the rest of the team and build the confidence to lead my team.

Sarah has given me the room to raise the profile of my business mindset.  Today, I am strong, confident and in control. " 

- Peppe Mykoo