90 Day Elite Coaching Package

What if you could...

• Build a business you love.

• Finally leave your corporate job because you're no longer reliant on your monthly pay-check.

• Spend more time with your children, family and friends.

• Overcome obstacles and achieve your peak performance.

• Cut the commute and build the laptop lifestyle you have always dreamed of and travel the world.

• Attract clients that are eager to work with you and don't hesitate to pay you what your worth.

• Sell high end, platinum packages with ease.

• Cultivate a champions mindset.

• Create a vision, take action and create the lifestyle you so deserve.


I can help you make all that happen in just 4 months.

 We will review...

• Where you are currently are in your life, your business, and what you want to achieve.

• Your money mindset; defining what wealth means to you and how you can achieve your income goals.

• Your working practices and discuss how I can support you in achieving your best performance every day.

• How much energy you have each day and focus on building your stamina to achieve your goals.

• How confident you have been feeling and discuss if there is anything holding you back from living the life you want to live.

• We will implement the systems you need to build your business and focus on your productivity.

• How to build a marketing plan to attract your ideal client.

• Your brand (or build one if you don't have a brand just yet) and marketing to ensure you have a fresh look and feel to your online presence.

• Discover techniques which encourage authenticity and building confidence when selling and promoting.

• Your goals and creating pathways to becoming more effective towards reaching desired objectives.

I have realised that there is a far better way to live your life.  You can have all the things you dreamed of AND have a job that you LOVE.

Whilst on maternity leave I developed a business mentorship program for you, the spirited entrepreneur who wants to break the mold, leave the corporate world and build the businesses of their dreams.  It is my passion to support determined, amazing women on their quest to have the business and life they love, and have time freedom to enjoy the life they have built. 

I will guide you through 12 weekly sessions to take you and your business to the next level.  If you are a woman who wants to transform your life, make an impact in the world and build your dream business then this is the program for you.  You will power through this program to execute your biggest business dreams. 

It's time for women like us to become more visible in the world. You will be mentored to become to best version of you.  Fully assume your role as a powerful woman and leader of a successful company.

What you can expect:

•  12 x weekly 1 hour phone sessions or via Skype

•  Unlimited direct access to me for 3 months via email or text

•  Copy writing review and feedback


If you want to find your purpose in life, make your mark on the world and earn an income doing something you absolutely love this is the program for you.  Let go of those limiting believes and get the support you need to create your dream life.

Your investment: $6,460 / £5,000



One day, or day one? It’s your decision