Can you relate?

Hello hello gorgeous ladies! 

I’ve finally recovered from a bout of illness, and weirdly I feel lighter in so many ways.  I feel so very thankful for my good health and I am enormously grateful to wake up every morning feeling happy and fulfilled.  Even in the midst of feeling pretty hideous, I was thinking about the long list of exciting things that are happening right now.

Amongst the thoughts of sheer joy for my own business growth I had time to reflect on days of old.  I thought back to the monotony of the pay rise discussions, the pain of questioning why there were no female senior manages and I cringed thinking of awkwardly laughing at the sexist jokes rather than putting a stop to it.  

Maybe you can relate to that?

For years I had been an active member of the “Women’s Networks” within the corporate world.  Even as a co-chair of the Women's Network, taking a prominent role in the discussions I struggled to ensure that gender diversity was at the top of the agenda. I say it was a struggle because I never felt the true shift in the masculine thinking that would be a true breakthrough in ensuring that women have an equal place in the workforce.  I found it incredibly emotionally draining.  I hit an all time low one day when my boss described the Women’s Network as a place where we swapped knitting patterns.

Since setting up may own business, I have not once felt the need to justify my position as a women in the world.  I am creating something quite spectacular, surrounded by the most incredible women who love, trust and support one another.   Maybe I have been lucky, but somehow I don't think this is the case. What I have learnt is that women make incredible entrepreneurs.  We build our network wisely and with ease, we are flexible and dynamic and we most importantly we empower each other.

I love that every day I make a difference in the world.  And know this, we all have the capability of making a huge impact on the world!  If I can show just one woman like you, that she can set up her own business and make it in this crazy world that we live in, I have achieved something quite wonderful.

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