The Happiness Plan

I was beavering away reviewing a client’s incredible website copy, when I lifted my head and for a split second I was horrified with what I saw.  The family sitting on the table in front of me were having a huge argument.  The father walked off leaving 2 teenagers and the mother at the table.  It was so desperately sad.  

Both teenage girls were visibly upset; one started crying and ran to the ladies bathroom and the other looked at her mother exasperated. The mother offered no comfort to her daughters, she turned to her phone and logged onto her Facebook account.  This heart breaking scene that unfolded reminded me of days of old when my own family would have huge fights and then not speak to each other for days.  I do not miss those dark days, but it was those experiences that really helped shape who I am today.  I made a very conscious decision to leave those dark days behind me and focus on creating a happy life full of fun and laughter… for the most part anyway!  

Being happy didn't just happen over night, I needed a plan.  I started reading books on the topic and attended a number of happiness lectures, only to discover that there are some very simple ways of refocusing your energy to get back into the happy zone.  It doesn't have to be complicated; here is what I learnt on the journey:

1. Go on a mission to discover your strengths and then use them!  The happiest of people are those that have discovered their unique gifts in life and then regularly use them; incredibly rewarding in many ways.

2. I have written many blogs about the power of gratitude and I am so thankful for the incredible gifts present in my life every single day.  Flipping the switch on the “woe is me” thinking, that leads you to the pit of doom and keeps you there, literally changed my life.  Grateful people have been shown to have greater positive emotions, a greater sense of belonging, and lower incidence of depression and stress.

3. Be kind and do something lovely for someone.  You can do something so simple, such as buying a friend a coffee or taking some time to listen to someone in need.  Or you could sign yourself up to a volunteering day for an incredibly worthy cause.  Such a relatively small investment will undoubtably pay back several times over, just try it and see! 

4. Go ahead and express yourself!  People who have close friendships are known to be happier. It doesn’t seem to matter if we have a large network of close relationships or not. What make a difference is if and how often we cooperate in activities and share our personal feelings with a friend or relative. "Active-constructive responding," which is the ability to express genuine interest in what people say, and respond in encouraging ways, is a powerful way to enrich relationships and cultivate positive relationships.  If you want to cultivate incredible relationships, join us at Fiercely Ambitious Entrepreneurs

5. Get your frame moving. Exercise gets those magical happy hormones dancing around your body and has a huge impact on your sense of wellbeing.  People who regularly exercise have lower incidence of depression.  The same can be said of being mindful of the food that you are fuelling your body with.  When I am tuned into what I am putting into my body, I feel much more in control and ultimately much happier.

6. Do at least one thing you love every single day.  Make time for that one special date with a friend or partner, enjoy a scrumptious cup of coffee or perhaps take 10 minutes out to listen to the music that gets you back in the zone.  Make your little ritual your non-negotiable every day, put down your phone, enjoy that moment, be present and enjoy.  

Cultivate some incredible relationships and join us at Fiercely Ambitious Entrepreneurs.

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