"Corporate To Entrepreneur: How you know it's time to start your dream biz!"

Wow what an incredible afternoon!  I was interviewed by the beautiful Janelle Mason.  Take a look at the video footage.

See below the comments from Janelle.

"Sarah is an incredible woman, Business Coach, Mother and Entrepreneur who started her business while pregnant with Baby #1, and nearly homeless (hear her renovator's nightmare story and how she lost her money, her nursery and nearly her home!)! Through all of this, while on maternity leave, she's started her online business.

Her story is truly inspiring, and if you're looking to leave your corporate job, wanting to know how to make the move, when it's the right time, and if you can do it, then this interview is for you.

We're going to cover those questions and more + tomorrow at 4.30pm BST (London).

Add this event to your calendar and FB will send you a reminder beforehand.

This will be a LIVE broadcast - and this is YOUR CHANCE to ask us your questions about leaving the Corporate world and starting an online business (even when it feels like the wrong time!)..."