National Kindness Day

Thursday last week marked National Kindness Day.  Just one act of kindness can make a huge difference to someones life, and whilst (I know, I know, you are right) you shouldn't need a specific day to encourage people to be nice, it is a good reminder that even when you are living your life at a million miles an hour, that a simple gesture can make a make someones day.  

So I decided to run my own little social experiment.  I smiled at literally everyone I made eye contact with.  I gave up my seat on the bus, chatted to the elders on the bus instead of burying my head in a book, and took a coffee order from the chap sitting outside Starbucks.  I think it may have taken perhaps an extra five minutes out of my day.  Everyone I came into contact with responded with smile or reciprocated with another act of kindness.  In turn I had a brilliant day, I felt energised and tremendously happy.

Research from The Diana Award has revealed that the UK is a caring nation, with almost three out of five (56%) Brits saying they have received a random act of kindness in the past year. Interestingly the research highlights that women are more likely to receive an act of kindness than men; three in five women said a stranger had been generous towards them compared to only half of men surveyed. Age also appears to be a factor, with millennials more likely to receive a random act of kindness than any other generation. 

So given the conclusions in the research, why are us ladies not helping each other more in the workplace and in our businesses? Women are notoriously bad at giving each other mentorship andoffering support that can be so valuable. Finding a mentor can be an invaluable career asset for any woman, so link arms ladies!  A great next step is as simple as joining a Facebook Group that offers you a supportive forum to ask questions, test drive ideas, increase visibility or find powerful connections with likeminded ladies.   These partnerships are game changers.

Much love

Sarah xx