Is Your Life On Auto Pilot?

Have you ever arrived at work and wondered how you got there?  You literally have no recollection of the journey?  You’re not alone; most of us at some point have blanked out a large chunk of time, which is then lost forever.  Be conscious of when this happens to you, it may be that red flag waving at you telling you that you’ve switched off and checked out; this ultimately leaves us feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.

Do you feel like you have lost your sparkle?

Living your life on auto pilot leads you down the dark path of least resistance.  And that includes saying yes to things when every bone in your body is screaming “no don’t do it”!!!  You’ll find yourself agreeing to that date you don’t want to go on, working late, and spending time with people that drag you down. Being on auto pilot dulls your ability to make strong, conscious choices that serve you in the long term interests of living an incredible life.  You’ll be feeling like you’re trapped in The Matrix feeling pulled in two different directions.  

96% of the 3,000 people surveyed in a recent study commissioned by Marks & Spencer said that they were living life on autopilot.  Of course our subconscious makes many decisions on our behalf as there are way too many decisions to consciously make on any one given day (our minds are incredibly clever at stopping the overload on our behalf) but too many small mindless decisions can have a huge impact on the way our lives are shaped.  

Your auto pilot shuts down the part of your brain that encourages you to be brave and step out of your comfort zone, instead you sleep walk through life in an unconscious haze.

There are 3 classic archetypal people running through life on auto pilot:

1. The people pleaser - if you find yourself in situations where you are uncomfortable but you carry on regardless; for example, something that isn’t in line with your values. Or, If you struggle to say no to situations or you change your behaviour to fit in, these are clear people pleaser signals.  Take a pause - it's OK to say no.

2. The pacer - people who are always looking for the next thing and struggle to live in the here and now …I recognise myself in this description! 

3. The passenger - individuals are often just sliding along the course of least resistance, driven fare more by what scares them (disapproval, rejection, uncertainty) rather than by what inspires them.

Do you recogniser yourself in the 3 types? - Its time to wake up and get tuned back in to your life.

If you feel stuck on autopilot, and unable to make the necessary changes to change the trajectory of your life?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Come on over and join us in Fiercely Ambitious Entrepreneurs and surround yourself with incredible women.  You will be so inspired to see the changes that are happening every single day! Tune back in and make a consciously great decision.

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Much love

Sarah  xxx