Becoming Financially Fabulous!

Hello Gorgeous!

What's your money mindset?

Most of us have a terrible blue print around money.   But if you want to, you can change your money mindset and start creating some serious wealth for yourself.  I know this because I've seen a serious shift in my bank account since I've been doing the work around my own money mindset.

To change your belief system around money there are 3 steps:

  1. Understand your past money dramas
  2. Become aware of your current situation
    • You cannot change what you don't know about
    • You’ve got to draw your attention to the issues
  3. Reconditioning your mindset to create your new money story

Then I want you ask yourself the question - what is the frequency that I amputting out there? Because what you think about you bring about. 

When we found out we were pregnant with our baby girl Chloë, we knew we needed to move to a bigger home. So, we sold our lovely little flat in a leafy suburb of London and moved to bigger apartment about half a mile away. It was such a great summer. I was pregnant, the sun shone and we planned the layout and design of our new dream home. We excitedly pressed on to realise our dream home and hired a builder to help us. A little after a month into our renovations we realised that we had hired a cowboy builder who was a transpired to be a drug addict, and he had stolen a large sum of our cash. It was money that had taken years to save.

I was scared, and we had no money left. At the lowest point, I phoned the bank and asked them transfer my last £40 from my savings to my checking account so I could pay a small chunk of the builders merchants bill. 

I had no idea where the next penny was going to come from, we were in serious financial trouble. Our home was in tatters and we had to piece it back together again, but we had no money. 

Thankfully, this is when I discovered the power of your money mindset. Idiscovered pretty quickly that the key to making massive money in my business, was to build a better relationship with money. Instead of putting my head in the sand when it came to my finances, I mastered my money flow and monitored everything that was coming in and going out in my bank account.

My coach helped me listed out all my past money dramas and one by one I started to understand how they had impacted the way I think about money today.  It was uncomfortable, emotional work but it seriously helped me make the shift that I needed!  …what had become very clear to me is you need to get out of your comfort zone - your comfort zone is in direct proportion to your income zone!

If you are not happy with the number in your bank account you need to stretch yourself.  You can't go any further unless you stretch yourself.

I look forwards to hearing all about the shifts that you have made in your life financially and the changes you have seen.  

Make today the start of your richer life.  And let’s start creating some serious wealth, so together we can change the world.

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